As the title says, this is the main folder for all my trips in winter, mainly for skiing.

Since 2004 I've been booking my skiing trips with Sunwave, a German travel agency for vacations for singles. For me Sunwave proved to be a reliable organizer of nice, entertaining skiing experiences.

Skiing trips

The following trips were booked with Sunwave. This is a German travel agency for trips for singles; in the early years for skiing only, later also for summer trips.

stubai1Stubai 2020. I was quite lucky to go skiing before the Corona pandemic started to spread. I booked a room in the "Holzknecht" hotel in Neustift/Milders, where I spent my first Sunwave trip back in 2004.

(German only)


Tux 2018. In the age of 11 I learned skiing in the Tux valley; hence, I was pretty excited to return to the location of my first skiing experiences, also to bring up old memories that started to fade. But once I was there, I recognized so many things and locations, as if nothing had changed from 40 years ago. (German only)